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About Us
Here at San Francisco Masonry Experts, one of our main objectives is to be a trusted, professional source of information for all of our clients. We understand that masonry and the services that accompany it are not always things that you think of or know much about, so we ensure that you are as clued up as possible before making any decisions to invest in our services.

Our Services
There are many services that a professional masonry contractor offers. This is because masonry has developed as an industry over thousands of years and grown to cater to the needs of dozens of areas of a property, from the floor to the chimney and the walls that surround them. We are proud to call ourselves masonry experts and offer each of our services with great pride. We strive to offer excellence in all that we do and ensure that we do so by way of many practices, from regularly quality testing our supplier’s products to continuously training and upskilling our technicians. Want to know what services we offer? Check them out below!

Concrete Contractors San Francisco

worker scraping the cement

Of all the services we offer, concrete requires the most meticulous eye for detail. Laying concrete is not easy, especially if you want to do it right. We do not just install concrete; we also stamp and decorative concrete to deliver bespoke designs on the concrete forms that our aesthetically inclined customers want. Whether you want a wooden finish on your patio or a marble finish in your entrance hall, our stamped and decorative concrete can do it!


Stone Masonry Contractors

worker using a hammer

Stonemasonry can serve many needs. Whether you are looking for a new, classic-looking stone retaining wall or a paved path, an expert stonemason is the best person to deliver it! The products that we work with range from simple stone veneer to whole natural stone.


Fireplace Contractors

fireplace inside the house

A fireplace is the single best addition you could make to a room. While a new home theatre system can help improve the entertainment offered in your home, nothing beats snuggling up to a loved one in front of the fire on a cold day! We offer fireplace and chimney installation, maintenance, and repair. Whether you are looking for a bespoke chimney to be installed into your home or would like to have your fireplace repointed, we can assist!


“I never do testimonials for businesses, but I guess I’ve never been so impressed by a company before! San Francisco Masonry Experts are truly a cut above the rest. Their work is sublime, and their quality of customer service is unlike any I’ve ever come across. Definitely worth the money!”

Jason L

“When San Francisco Masonry Experts first quoted me, I thought that I would receive not-so-great quality from them. I could hardly believe that such an affordable company would do good work. Boy, was I wrong? Their work is phenomenal, and I still can’t believe how cheap it was!!”

Trudy L

“We decided as a family to conduct some repairs to our ancestral home in general, but the fireplace was most desperate for some TLC. San Francisco Masonry Experts did an incredible job and had the fireplace looking as good as it looked when we were kids!”

Cheryl P

Retaining Wall Services

garden outside the house

A retaining wall is used to prevent vertical soil and other matter from becoming displaced by rain, wind, or other environmental factors and washing onto your property. You have likely seen at least one retaining wall today without realizing it. Retaining walls are not something that you would likely think of unless you need one installed or worked on, so it is great to have a masonry contractor on hand who specializes in working on these, such as us!


Brick Contractors

tile flooring under installation

Brickwork is just as broad as masonry, in that it can cater to many, many needs. From brick driveways to complete structures built from brick, it truly is one of the most useful products in our arsenal. We have spent our careers honing our ability to work with brick and improving the quality of the work that we do with this wonderful product. No matter what your brickwork needs, we are experts, able to assist with it all!


Pavers San Francisco

worker holding the cement brick

Pavers can be an affordable means of covering a surface, such as a patio or a walkway. Pavers are built to last and subsequently withstand even the heaviest of foot traffic. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution that will last, then pavers are for you! We offer a variety of pavers, from concrete pavers to natural stone pavers and brick pavers, so that we can cater to any design needs that you may have!



We hope that you have found that we can help you! If so, we would love to get started on a plan of action for your project. Before we can do this, we would need to have a consultation with you to ensure that we completely understand and cater to your exact requirements. If you are more interested in getting a quotation for us, we still recommend that you reach out! We can provide you with a comprehensive cost estimate for your project by having a simple telephonic conversation, so don’t be a stranger! If you would like to see more testimonials from our previous clientele, leave a query with us on our Contact Us page. We look forward to hearing from you!