Brick Contractors

worker installing brick cement wall

Whether you are looking to have a new patio installed or a wall tuckpointed, you should give us a call! Brickwork masonry is something that takes years to perfect and can be incredibly expensive, especially when you factor in the cost of the tools and labor needed to do the job right. We offer brickwork services from brick installation to repairs, so that no matter your need, we can assist you!

Why you should choose brick
Did you know that the earliest mention of the use of bricks was made in the Bible? In fact, they have been around for even longer than that, with evidence of brickwork dating back ten thousand years in the Middle East! Bricks have been the construction material of choice for builders for this long because, much like the wheel, it works and needs no reinvention! Brick is generally made from clay and can withstand incredibly high heat, harsh weather, and battering from practically anything, all without losing its structural integrity. If you want something built and you want it to last, then brick is the way to go!

Tuckpointing & repair
Bricks, as well as the mortar that holds them in place, while being exceptionally hard-wearing, will wear over time. One of the first things that will happen when they wear is their aesthetic appeal being lost. The wear that they incur will make them lose uniformity and shape. Tuckpointing easily addresses this, by reshaping the bricks that have worn, refilling the mortar between the bricks, and matching any new material to the color of the old bricks. Tuckpointing, as you can imagine, is considerably cheaper than replacing a wall in its entirety and makes keeping your brick in “new” condition easily achievable. Unfortunately, improper tuckpointing can be devastating to a wall’s overall look. It is best to have a professional masonry expert conduct any tuckpointing that you may need.

Brick installation
As certified brick installers, we are your safest bet when it comes to any brickwork projects that you need to have done. We understand how to get the job done right and ensure that your needs are met. We also ensure that your investment is protected against poor workmanship and deliver all work with the San Francisco Masonry Experts seal of approval!

Why you should choose San Francisco Masonry Experts
Whether you want to have a new wall, retaining wall, pavement, driveway, or patio installed, you should employ the services of a professional! Professional brick masons are trained to not only build good-looking structures but also ensure that they will last. A brick masonry expert understands that their reputation is the lifeblood of their business and subsequently avoids inferior products like the plague. We ensure that our suppliers provide us with nothing but the best quality products, which we test frequently to guarantee that their quality is maintained. We also ensure that our contractors are regularly trained to provide the highest quality of service to our customers. For more information about us, head over to our About Us page.