Fireplace Contractors

burning fireplace beside the cat

Is there anything better than getting cozy in front of a beautiful fireplace as the rain outside “pitter-patters” down on the roof? We do not think so! Fireplaces are an easy way to increase the resale value of a home, improve its aesthetic appeal, and easily make it everyone’s favorite room in the entire house! To get the most from your fireplace, it should be installed by masonry experts, masonry experts such as San Francisco Masonry Experts. We offer fireplace installation services, but also offer facelift and maintenance services so that you can get everything you need under one roof!

Masonry fireplaces
Stonemasonry is an art form unlike any other. While it is incredibly visually appealing, it takes an experienced hand to install correctly. This mix of artful taste and expert skill makes it incredibly challenging to get right, which is why having the number for a master masonry service, such as ours, is critical. If you want to have the best stonemasons working on your fireplace, save our number! We specialize in a variety of fireplace styles, from cobblestone classics to modern flagstone works of art.

Brick fireplaces
Brick is a non-combustible material, making it one of the best materials to use to design a fireplace. Not all brick will survive the extreme temperatures that your fireplace will produce, but we work closely with each client to ensure that we install bricks that fit both the required function and the required form. The versatility of bricks allows us to create completely bespoke pieces that will blow you away every time you see them! Brick comes in a variety of colors, to suit any look, and can be custom produced for the discerning homeowner who wants something distinct and never before seen!

Veneer touch-ups
If your fireplace is looking worse for wear, but you do not have the budget available to conduct a complete replacement, then stone veneer may be just what you need. Stone veneer is applied to the exterior of your worn fireplace to give it the same look that you would expect a brand new fireplace to boast. We offer a variety of shapes, colors, and stone to ensure that no matter your unique design requirements, we can facilitate them! If you want to know more about the veneer designs that we offer, head over to our Contact Us page.

Maintenance, cleaning, and repairs
Given the amount of wear-inducing heat that a fireplace must endure, it must receive frequent, professional maintenance and cleaning. If your fireplace is looking a bit worse for wear, then you should give us a call! Thanks to our vast experience in working with masonry and fireplaces, we can work on any fireplace and ensure that we have it looking good as new in no time! Our expertise range so far as to allow us to offer chimney and fireplace repointing. If you want to find out more about the work that we do, request to see our testimonials, where our previous clients have offered their first-hand experience of the outstanding service that we offer. You will find our number at the top of this page!